Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Our Shepherd's Hut... a tale told in pictures.

A couple of summers ago we were lucky enough to be invited to our lovely friend's perfect wedding. Mary and Graeme, being outdoorsy types, had found a gorgeous log cabin in the middle of the beautiful New Forest to get hitched in and guests were encouraged to stay the night in one of the surrounding specially kitted out Shepherd's huts.  As the only thing they were lacking was a built in babysitter, we didn't opt for a sleepover on that occasion but the seeds were sown in our minds that Shepherd's huts were wonderful things to behold, that we knew a certain little girl who would love one and we had just the place at the bottom of our garden.  Andrew has never been one to hold back so it wasn't long before a set of scaled down plans and a load of planks appeared.  Project Shepherd's Hut had begun.

There's nothing like a bit of sunshine to get a garden project going. Luckily one person seemed to know what they were doing...

A roof, some wheels, a Shepherd's Hut sort of shape... Now we're talking.

Bring a ladder, a yellow spirit level and a bucket of nails into the equasion and things really start happening.

Floor, tick.  Walls, tick.  Undercoat, tick.  Interest from neighbours, tick.

And finally we have a fully functioning, perfectly beautiful, slightly scaled down Shepherd's Hut, complete with shiny new roof, opening-and-shutting windows with flowery curtains, a set of co-ordinating steps and a coat of lovely grey weatherproof paint.  A labour of love indeed...

...and it's definitely a hit with someone...

Here's to many a happy moment spent.

If you're interested in our project, or fancy something similar - why not drop us a line, or let us know you like it?